My Skin Story

Alright everyone, I am about to get so real with you. I will shareย something that has literally been a struggle of mine since 5th grade! I never thought I would share this with anyone because I have been so embarrassed and ashamed that my skin ever even looked like this.

In the 5th grade I got my first pimple ever. Straight in the middle of my face between my eyebrows. It was the only place I would get it for a good few months until I reached 6th grade. Through out middle school my acne only got worse. I was always so embarrassed about my skin. I wouldn’t spend the night at my friends houses because I didn’t want to take off whatever makeup I had on so people could see what my skin really looked like.

I remember so vividly, my freshman year of high school the entire sports med team was having a girls night at Nikki’s house the night before the dome game and they were doing facials and all the fun stuff I would’ve loved to do but declined because I was so self conscious about my skin. This is real life guys… I look back and I can’t believe all the things I didn’t do because I was self conscious.

I have been trying to tackle my skin for years now. I have tried every face wash on the market and any home remedies you can think of. It has definitely been a struggle of mine to tackle and figure out what really works for my skin. My face would definitely go through seasons of its own. I had times where my skin was great and I had really no issues at all and then all of a sudden I would breakout and have spots all over.

I am really happy that now since using Rodan and Fields, my skin is better than it has been in a very long time. By no means do I have perfect skin, but where it used to be and where it is now is a huge change! My biggest issue lately has been my acne scarring. I have had really red cheeks from bad breakouts that have happened and when I started to use the Reverse Regimen I quickly saw results in how my skin was clearing up and my spots weren’t so red!

These photos are results from using Rodan and Fields consistently since December.


The amount of bumps on my face have significantly decreased and I have noticed that my skin is a lot more even. Don’t get me wrong, I still get bumps here and there but it is NOTHING like what it used to be.

I am feeling better than ever and am excited to see the progress my skin will continue to make.

I wanted to share this with you because I want others who struggle with their skin to know that you aren’t alone. There is a way to fix it. It just takes time.

If you want to see a difference in your skin and know that something WILL actually work, don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can help you achieve the skin you have always wanted. No matter what it is that you have, there is a product here to help!

Also, if you are young and have similar acne problems like me, tackle this now before it gets bad. You will be so much happier in the end knowing that you were able to stop it before it got worse.



22 thoughts on “My Skin Story

  1. I had terrible pregnancy mask ( dark spots) during both pregnancies and RF completely cleared up my skin. There’s a reason they are the #1 skin care brand in North America….

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  2. I’ve struggled with acne for so long as well. I finally went to the dermatologist in January and was prescribed two topical treatments that I use daily. Those, combined with bi-monthly acid peels have helped my skin so much. I’m glad you found a system that works for you; I know how awful acne can be on your self confidence.

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  3. Blair, I am the same way! Roman and Fields Unblemished has saved my skin. I did not know to try to the reverse, because acne scars are ruining my face and back! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Hi blair, really feels great to find someone who have the same struggle as me and understand my frustrations haha. Yr skin looks pretty great now ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing !


  5. Great progress, Blair! Acne sufferers like us are definitely not alone :). I think it’s important to find the underlying causes of acnes. I didn’t have a single pimple for the first 24 years of my life and all of a sudden, I struggled with horrible break-outs for 2 years. I tried a lot of things and what have helped me the most are: healthy diet (low added sugar, dairy free, no processed food), gentle skincare products (especially cleanser) and water filter. I only have some pimples once in a while now, finally :).

    Have you tried the La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser? It’s a pretty good cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oil or damage skin moisture barrier which can lead to acnes.

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