I Said Yes To The Dress!


Where do I even begin to talk about this experience? For me, trying on dresses was something I always dreamed about. Something I just couldn’t wait for. I loved watching other people find their dream dress! But now, it was my turn and the pressure was on. I had an idea of what I wanted […]

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The Perfect Venue


My favorite part of planning a wedding is most definitely finding the dream venue. I think booking the venue is easily the best but most stressful part. I have always dreamed about my wedding and wanting it to be the most special day. I was so excited to start touring venues but I always had […]

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The Day We Lost Him


Lately I have been in this rut of sadness and can’t seem to get out of it. The day I got engaged was also the day I lost someone I cared so much about. He had a huge piece of my heart and was someone that I wanted nothing but the best for. I wanted […]

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Wedding Dress Shopping!


I am not the type of person to keep everything hush hush. Especially when it’s about something so exciting! I wanted to share this journey with everyone! Obviously when I get my dress I won’t share it all over the place but since this was our first dress shopping experience, I thought I would bring […]

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Magic Cookie Bars


Hey guys! I am back with another recipe that is just as simple as my last. I think simplicity is what I am all about because anyone will be able to follow along! These directions aren’t very descriptive because in reality, with this recipe they don’t need to be. I think this recipe is up […]

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Things I’m Thankful For


Now that thanksgiving has come to an end I have really sat and thought about the things I am so incredibly thankful for. I can reflect on the things that mean the most to me. God has given me so many blessings and things to be grateful for. The list is so long but here […]

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Let The Planning Begin!


I am so excited to be sharing this exciting time in my life with everyone! I knew I wanted to document everything for those who are interested in seeing this adventure and for my own personal reference that I can look back on! Just a few years ago, my family was planning my sisters wedding […]

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