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The ABC Diet, which tricks you metabolism (lose fats faster)

ABC Diet

Can you make your metabolism to work in a way that you are not starving? ABC Diet helps you to achieve that goal by following ABC Diet plan which leads to a great loss of weight. Metabolism in our body is the main unit that is responsible for gaining your weight and losing your weight. If your metabolism is slow, the intake food calories are not digested properly which add fats to your body and the result is you gain some weight. The ABC Diet helps you to increase your metabolism system to help you not to gain fats but lose weight rapidly. {read more about diet}

what is ABC Diet plan?

ABC dietary plan or so-called Ana Boot Camp Diet. is weight loss plan in a way that you are neither starving nor feeling dizzy and you are losing weight at a much faster rate than over. ABC Diet plan works on your metabolism system and makes them work faster so that no fats are caused. ABC dietary plan the foods that name begins with A, B, C. The whole plan is of about 50 days. ABC Dietary plan is all about the calories that you intake every day. There are some guidelines that are needed to be followed during the diet plan.

 ABC Diet guidelines:

ABC Dietary guidelines are very easy to follow, The Guidelines are simple and straightforward which needs to be followed if you want to lose some good weight. The guidelines are:-

  1. Total calories that you can consume per days is 500.
  2. Maximum calories that you can intake is 800. Greater then the standard set is strictly prohibited.
  3. The ABC Dietary plan includes 5 days of fasting where you are not allowed to take any calories whole day.
  4. Follow the 3 points for 50 days

these are the ABC Diet rules that need to be followed and after completion of the plan, you will see the difference.

How to perform ABC Diet Plan:

After a little info about the topic, its time now to share the details 50 days plan about “how to execute ABC Diet plan”.  the whole process is described in the points below.

  1. The first week:
    on day one you are supposed to take 500 calories. On the day 2 again calories. On day 3 and 4 you should cut off 200 calories from the previous day and take 300 calories for the next 2 days. Then on the fifth day reducing again 100 calories (take 200 calories) and 6 days increasing 100 calories (take 300 calories) and on the seventh and last day of the week take a fast before starting the plan for next week.
  2. The Second week:
    start the second week by taking 300 calories on the first day followed by 200 calories the next day. Increase the calories to 400 on the third day of the week. keep the number of calories consumed same on the fourth day. Decrease them by 100 calories (take 300 calories) on the fifth day and again decrease them by 100  calories (take 200 calories) on the sixth day. again fast for the last day of the second week before starting the fresh week.
  3. The Third week:
    start the third week by taking 400 calories the first day. reduce them to 20 calories on the second day. on the third day increase them by 50 calories and take a total of 250 calories. again increase them on the fourth day and take 300 calories. take 350 calories on the fifth day. increase 150 calories on the sixth day (take 500 calories) and take fast again on the last day to end the week.
  4. The fourth week:
    The first 2 days of the fourth week starts with 400 calories per day followed by 200 calories on the third day. take 250 calories on the fourth day. On the fifth day, increase 50 calories to your previous day and take 30o calories. Reduce your calories by 50 on the sixth day (take 250 calories) and fast on the last day the of the week again
  5. The Fifth Week:
    The fifth week is mostly about taking low calories according to ABC Diet. start the week with 200 calories for first two days. Take 250 calories on the third day. increase the calories by 50 and take 300 calories on the fourth day. Take 400 calories on the fifth day and 250 calories on the sixth day. Take fast on the last day of the week again to enter the sixth week.
  6. The sixth week and onwards: The sixth week start with 400 calories on the first day and reduce by 200 calories on the second day. it is reduced again to 100 calories on the third day. take 400 calories on the fourth day. on the fifth day take 250 calories and the sixth day take 300 calories, fast again for the last day of the week.  Week six is to be repeated for 2 weeks (week 7 and week 8). It was a complete overview for everyone who are interested in starting the ABC Diet for instant weight loss. A complete chart is shown below for your complete guidance.ABC Diet

ABC Diet and Exercise:

ABC Diet

The question arises in the minds of many people that if we are on a diet is it ok to exercise? yes,  you should continue your ABC Diet and exercise together. but reduce the time span of your exercise so that you don’t get exhausted. ABC diet is all about activating your metabolism as much as possible.

Drawbacks of ABC Diet:

ABC Diet

There are certain drawbacks of ABC Diet that you need to know before starting your diet plan. Some people feel dizzy and muscle softness in the start days. it is because your system is adapting to your new diet pattern which takes a while to get regulate to it. it causes a certain type of problems to most people who start ABC Diet plan, these problems are:-

  • Mental eating disorder
  • Exhausted and fatigue
  • Low level of blood sugar
  • Sometimes the diet can cause a certain level of depression

My experience of ABC Diet:

ABC Diet

I was a fat woman before I came to know about the ABC Diet plan. first, I thought it will be the same old manner diets which won’t work. Then I researched about it and decided to the get into it. after first 2 weeks I was about to quit the diet but then stick to it and completed the 8 weeks plan. it was surprising to see the results at last. I lost almost 40 LBs. It was a complete transformation of my body. The ABC Diet tips are very simple, follow the rules and guidelines set and get skinny smarter.