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Everything about brazilian curly hair in 2018 (complete guide)

We all have are different, and so are our hair. Every one of us has brazilian curly hair, but their hair type and hair texture is different.


Normally there are 4 brazilian curly hair types that are popular in people. They are mentioned as following:
• Straight hair
• Wavy hair
• Curly hair
• Coiled/kinky hair

One thing people get confused about is natural hair is called curly. Many people believe that natural hair is straight whist is only a myth.
All brazilian curly hair types have their own styles and techniques just like african hair braiding. Some look beautiful when you let them in their natural state, others in undoes. {read more}


The texture is the type of hair you have. There are three textures of brazilian Curly Hair.
• Normal hair
• Dry/frizzy hair
• Oily hair
Hair texture also depends on the products we use, as some products disrupt the chemical balance of our brazilian curly hair and affect it. If you use a lot of heat on your hair or wash them too often, they can get dry or frizzy, similarly, some shampoos and conditioner make your hair look oily. Proper care is required no matter what kind of hair type or hair texture you have. If not you can lose the shine and strength of your hair.

Brazilian Straight Hair

brazilian curly hair

Straight hair is the best hair to have. They are easy to carry them both open and closed. You can wear them down or in a sleek way or tie them up in an updo, a bun or a braid. They are hard to damage as the hair strands are thick and shiny, and best of all they need low maintenance.

They are effortless and easy to carry and easy to style. Due to being thick they are really hard to curl and if takes a lot of efforts, time and hairspray to curl and stay cur for an evening or night out. They do have a very oily texture which is the reason for their extra shine.

Brazilian straight hair Stying

Straight hair gives a business-like look, you can rock bangs, layers and even a pixie. Ombre roots or ombre tips and platinum hair look really good. They can be tied in half hairdo and ponytails give a sleek look, some of the celebrities with straight hair are Kim Kardashian West, Ellen de Generes, and Emma Stone.


brazilian curly hair

Wavy hair is the most desired brazilian curly hair to have they have a shape of “C” in them. They lie between straight and curly hair in type. They are easy to carry and fun to style. You can straighten then and get that sleek look, leave them natural and have the effortless look or curl them and rock an evening.

One of the disadvantages of wavy hair is that they are frizzy, so due to humidity their fizziness increases and you’ll have to use anti-frizz serums. The best way to keep them ant frizz is to stop your finger from ruining the gorgeous waves.


Wavy hair naturally looks effortless. They look good in bangs, messy buns and a bob cut. The best way to style them is to blow dry them either straight or curl, and you’ll get volumes beautiful hair. They are also best for half hairdos and braids. Celebrities with wavy hair are Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Selena Gomez.

brazilian curly hair style

brazilian curly hair

Curly or natural hair has a shape of “S” in them. They may be a small “s” or a capital “S” according to your genetics. The smaller the “S” shape is the stronger your gene is. Some brazilian natural hair is very fine other is thick. Most of the people around the world have naturally curly hair. They need little efforts but always come out gorgeous.

Natural curly hair tends to get frizzier with humidity as they are dry in nature. You’ll have to use a different styling product, but if you put too many products in they will get greasy and would weight down. Without proper care, they can be damaged easily, so they need a lot of care and moisturizing.


Due to the structure, they are very good volume and a very silky texture to them.
Many people go natural and embrace their naturally curly hair, other straighten them. But in their natural state they make really beautiful with all different types of buns and braids, they in their natural state they can even be worn as goddess curls.


brazilian curly hair

Coiled or Kinky hair is defined as tightly curled without any defined shape. They have the same shape whether they are dry or wet, no matter how long you grow them. Curly hair can become straight when wet but coiled always remain in the same shape.

These hair are very fine and fragile and are wiry and delicate by nature. They need a lot of care because they are very prone to damage, as they are very soft and can break easily. They need a lot of miniaturization to keep them shiny. And they need protection from harsh chemicals and waxes.


Such hair is difficult to style as there are very few styles for them. They when left natural they look really good, but some people prefer them in a hairstyle. Such hairstyles for the long term as it gets difficult to style them every day. Most popular styles for them are braids and dreads. Some people also accessorize their braids and get a totally new look. Some of the celebrities with coiled/kinky hair are Amandla Stenberg, Issa Rae, and Nicky Minaj

Every hair type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what we need to do is to take proper care of them because without proper care our hair would be damaged no matter what type or texture they have. All natural curly hair types should be washed and conditioned properly and everyday washing should be avoided (Except oily texture), as they dry our hair out of the natural oils. They should be always protected by direct sun, Snow and harsh winds. Also, too much swimming can damage them as the salts and chlorine in Ocean and swimming pools are not good for the scalp.
Be proud of your Natural Curly Hair as they are a blessing from God to accessorize our face and beauty.