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top 10 african hair braiding styles in 2018

What is african hair braiding? before going into that, one should first know about braiding? braid means a twisted cable, flexible wires or hairs. The roots of african hair braiding origins from about 25000 BC from the civilization of  Venus of Brassempouy. According to ancient civilizations, braiding was a signature of different civilizations to differentiate between tribes.

“African people such as the Himba people of Namibia have been braiding their hair for centuries. In many African tribes, hairstyles are unique and used to identify each tribe. Braid patterns or hairstyles can be an indication of a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, social position, and religion” {read more}

What is african hair braiding:

African hair braiding is a unique hairstyle in which the hairs are styled in such a way that they are all twisted like cable. It is also referred by hairstyle specialist as the most difficult hairstyles in the world. Braiding is now flourishing in many countries all around the globe especially in Europe.

History of Hair Braiding:

Hair braiding has a long history, going back no less than 5000 years. It has been a major piece of numerous societies all around the globe including Asia, Africa, the Americas, Egypt and even Europe, african hair braiding can be followed back to 3500 B.C.

In Europe amid the Renaissance, the French braiding was utilized to keep the hair as spotless as conceivable as it wasn’t generally an alternative to bathe as regularly as you may wish. Aztec ladies, in the Americas, would take limit pieces of brilliant material and mesh them into their hair at that point winding the interlaces around their head.

At Africa, hair braiding is considered as an image of fellowship, closeness, and certainty, via salons, braiders and clients normally talk and snicker together. The custom of twisting was lost for some time amid the slave exchange. Be that as it may, it was restored by the foreigners who originate from Mali, Togo, Guinea, and others. The relatives of these settlers are urged to wear hair meshes with a specific end goal to proceed with this African custom.

African Hair Braiding Hairstyles:

Hairstyles are the most important thing in getting ready for a party, tour or any other occasions, especially for ladies genre. There are thousands of hairstyles available for ladies but african hair braiding styles are preferred by females all over the globe especially and the rate of braiding hairstyles has increased from 25% to almost 60%.

Mentioned below are the top 10 African Hair Braiding styles for this summer:

  1. Feed-in African Hair Braiding style: african hair braiding

This is hairstyle looks much like cornfield rows and looks much more natural than other styles. because of the design, there is no stress at the end which helps the hairs to be in align and protects them from getting damaged.

  1. Half-updo with long freely hanging African Hair Braiding style. african hair braiding

This style gives you the edge to looks a bit taller, as the name suggests, the hairs are a bit uppish on the head. This design is really the ideal choice of mostly American braid hairstyle lovers for summer, as it gives a great and sexy look throughout the day

  1. Snake Hair braiding style:

african hair braiding

snake look is most common nowadays with african hair braiding styles. it is a mixture of snake and updo style which gives an immense unique look. It presents a great image of your black hairs.

  1. chunky mohawk african hair braiding style: african hair braiding

Chunky Mohawk hairstyle is best for females with black tan and long and strong hairs. The broader braid helps to undo the hairstyle whenever you want. Mohawk style can be designed in several ways. Mostly they are loved at prom parties.

  1. Ghana Braid Bun: african hair braid

Braiding all hair must be fun most of the times but sometimes you want a simpler braided hairstyle. Ghana braid bun is the right option for all who are looking for simpler braid looks. The design is created from back hairs which does’t effect if you have short hairs.

  1. Feed-in bun with Ghana braids: african hair braiding

As the same indicates, the style helps you to look taller a bit because of the bun on the top of the head. This hairstyle is perfect for a day out with friends or for office. It has strong and wide braids which don’t affect your hairs strength etc.

  1. Up-do with thin wavy feeds-in: african hair braiding

One of the most difficult hairstyle in the modern era due to its complexity. Thin wavy feed-in is the highlight of the hairstyle and with the up-do on top. The hairstyle is always suggested for bash parties and other occasional parties and is one of the most followed african hair braiding style.

  1. African hair braiding style with french braid: african hair braiding

Looks pretty cool at casual outings. the french braid is bold look for all females. Easy to design. Almost every braiding salon can be stylized you with this. This will be a change in the party for sure.

  1. Braided updo hairstyle with curls for short hairs: african hair braiding

do you have short hairs and want to braid? This hairstyle is the right choice for you. with updo style on the top and with braided short hairs, the hairstyle is the best choice for all. Add some good hair beads to it and you are all set to go for wedding or engagement functions.

  1. Crown braid hairstyle: african hair braiding

The name explains everything. The style is all around your head like a queen’s crown. It suits almost all type of facial structures. one of the best hairstyles for casual occasions and out with friends on a beach.

These were the top 10 african hair braiding styles for this to followed by all, but there is a dilemma around the globe that every this has its advantages and disadvantages, which is unfortunately true. braiding hairstyles is also having both the properties which are as under:-

Advantages of African Hair Braiding:

  1. They can keep going for a drawn-out stretch of time, somewhere in the range of 4 two months, contingent upon the sort and style of the plaits you have
  2. There are various style alternatives accessible for braiding
  3. Plaits are an extraordinary defensive style on the off chance that you are in the progressing from loose to normal hair Low support.
  4. Braiding can help advance solid development.
  5. requires zero maintenance.

Disadvantages of African Hair Braiding:

  1. Can cause hair breakage
  2. Can cause footing alopecia (baldness)
  3. Twists take some time.
  4. Can get costly – relying on the sort of braids you are getting
  5. not recommended for fresh hairs

These were some good and bad points about braiding your hairs before you enter a salon for a braiding hairstyle.


In the end, I would say that individually I love african hair braiding crown style. it is simple and dignify your personality very easily. If you want to have braided hairs, you shall first choose a salon that fulfills your requirements. I will personally refer yelp (5550 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204). They know what they are doing and perform everything very professionally, I have shared my experience with you, let’s see what you choose for your hairs. Do comments if I helped you to make your decision a bit easier