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beautiful nails design for the year 2018 (Top 5 )

why are beautiful nails an important part of your body or your day to day fashion? Properly cared nails give a good impression in many ways. Proper manicure helps your hands to be soft and very promising look. Beautiful nails will also help you keep your nails always clean which helps you to be away from nails diseases like nail fungus etc

You can make your nails look more promising thru different styles and trends available in the modern era like an artificial nail, gel nails and nail arts in the flow too just like in hairstyles zone there are hundreds of styles available e.g african hair braiding, Curley American, and French cut etc.

giving your nails a little extra care will make your beautiful nails much more beautify then ever. Proper trimming and care will bring them in a great shape, but also need to have a proper diet to keep your nails strong shiny and beautiful underneath the nail polish too. however, where does our fixation on our nails come from? Have we generally dealt with our nails?

where it all begins (history)

Having particularly tended nails and african hair braiding styles was a basic bit of nobility in out of date conditions in the privileged. In Egypt greatness including Cleopatra, would use henna to recolor their nails red to symbolize their status. While in old China people of colossal stature would build up their nails long to show their importance. After the cutting edge disturbs in the nineteenth century, advancement ended up being additionally created and new nail instruments started to rise. Most women administered to their nails at home using metal bars, destructive and scissors, yet by the late 1800s nail salons started to open up in America offering nail trims to those that could bear its cost and all around tended nails transformed into a basic bit of frame

How to take care of your beautiful nails?

A standard nail treatment will keep your nails clean and hands clean. The significance of nail trims isn’t just about how exquisite your hands and nails will look, yet additionally the reason related to it. Nails are manicured to keep them from chipping and splitting. While fingernail skin are administered to with creams and oils to keep them delicate and sound

A good nail treatment or pedicure is the most effortless approach to adorn another outfit or refresh your search for the new season. Nails salons have turned out to be progressively more prominent as of late.

Tips to keep your nails healthy

beautiful nails

after the use of garlic, {learn more}

Nails grow faster on a dominant hand of a person. They also grow very quickly when a woman is pregnant and in the summer. The fastest nail’s growth is in the middle finger, with the growth rate progressively decreasing on the fourth, second, and fifth fingers and finally the thumb. Besides, fingernails grow faster than toenails. A small advice if you want your nails to be stronger beautiful, put garlic on them. some other tips for your beautiful nails are as under:-

  1. Regular manicure
  2. regular use of filer for shaping
  3. Remove your nail polish immediately when not required
  4. Daily soak your nails in warm water
  5. Buff your nails regularly

these were some of the highlighted points that you may use regularly for your beautiful nails.

Things you should not do with your Nails:

There are certain things which must be kept in mind not to be used in or with your nails. they can really cause damage and make long-term issues for your nails.

  1. Stop bitting your nails immediately
  2. Do not use acetone fluid to remove your nail polish
  3. improper care
  4. Un-balanced diet
  5. Regular changes in nails design

These are minor points but they leave a great impact on the health of your nails.

there is always a little bewilderment in the mind when doing some nail designs for a party or function. Here are the top 5 designs of beautiful nails for the year 2018 which will help you to choose the best for yourself.

1. Rose Nails: 

beautiful nails

one of the best design that is trending in 2018 for all sorts of occasion. The combination of glitter and glue gives a great look that leaves an impression. The design and style are perfect for all sorts of occasions but is mostly preferred for prom parties and university parties Its much in use in the ages limit from 17 years to 30 years.

2. Valentines day beautiful nails:

beautiful nails

As the name indicates, this great design for meeting your loved one not only on valentine day but also on a date. It really shines prominently and gives a perfect look for a perfect date. This design can be made by any salon you just have to write in google salon near me“, and you will get your desired locations for doing your nail art.

3. Stars Shaded beautiful nails:

beautiful nailsBeautiful nails design the most annoying thing for all ladies before going to a party. Stars shaded design almost solve their problem. This design is for all sort of occasion in the evenings. Your nails project the images of dark sky and stars created thru glitter will shine like a clear sky and will definitely leave a mark on the company you indulge.

4. Multi-styled beautiful nails: beautiful nails

This style is mostly for girls that are under 25 years of age. In this design, each nail art differs from the other nails. It is one of the most favorite designs for young girls in 2018. The unique design gives an amazing look at your hand. Five design gives a proper look and image of the young generation. It’s a sign of freedom that the generation has.

5. Matte black and white polka dot beautiful nails:

beautiful nailsThe black and white contrast makes it one the most effective and impressive designs of beautiful nail arts. They can go along with every color dress and every shape of the hand. They are mostly used by office ladies and for meetings. The sober look gives this style a tip over all other nail arts.

So, these were some of the highlighted designs for the year 2018. These beautiful nail arts were chosen after lots of research and article reading. The best are placed for you to make your choice.


In the conclusion, I want to share with you my experience that I had done my nail art and had chosen Matte black and white polka dot design. It really suits my personality and people are really liking in all sort of occasion. this my personal choice, let see what nail art you choose for yourself. do leave a comment below, it will be really appreciated.